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The fact that our consumer behavior is affected by Social Media should not be surprising. Purchasing decisions have always been affected by social influence. Simply social media have conveyed this social influence on line. Social Media have created a new world of collaboration and communication as they have changed the way consumers take their purchasing decisions. According to, Social Media has led to the creation of a new generation of customers, Social consumers. There are currently consumer types on the market. The traditional consumer. Traditional consumers collect information about off-line purchases.

They can browse through short newspaper ads or research on yellow pages to find out what they need. In general, traditional consumers are the oldest generation of consumers in relation to the generations that follow and it is too late for them instagram accounts for sale to adopt new technologies. For the most part, traditional consumers make purchasing decisions based on traditional media advertising such as television, radio, while still relying on traditional word-of-mouth by trusted friends. The average traditional consumer is usually a member of offline social networks, so there is no significant incentive or pressure to change his consumer habits, a phenomenon seen in on-line contacts and networks. The online consumer. This type of consumer searches for information about online shopping. It can perform a Google search, read reviews and reviews on shopping sites, or browse a forum before making a purchase decision. These consumers do not trust advertising and marketing messages as traditional consumers.

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They give more value to the opinions and comments of non-discriminatory third parties. The information they consume online is the basis for their attitude towards a brand. Online consumers are browsing the internet to discover, research, learn, compare and buy products or services of interest to them. It is extremely important to target these consumers in all phases of the customer engagement cycle. This is best achieved through an integrated online marketing strategy, including activities such as search engine optimization SEO, paid advertising and email marketing. The Social Consumer Social consumers use read more the wisdom of social media to make a purchasing decision. Instead of using Google to collect information, they prefer to trust the reviews and recommendations of people in their on-line social network.

In the latter, they record experiences and share them with the people who belong to their network. They check-in sites, share videos and make recommendations for others in real-time. There is a great deal of fellowship among social consumers in their task of defining, documenting and creating a better world for others. In fact, most people are a mix of three types of consumers. It is a best instagram accounts patchwork of mainly online consumers and social consumers, with a small fraction of traditional consumers. In order to serve the purpose of the research and to answer the research questions, a conceptual framework was developed and an electronic questionnaire was developed to collect the required data. This chapter details the methodology used in this research. The design of the survey, the process of designing the questionnaire, its structure, the sampling method, the sample as well as the data analysis techniques used are presented.

In the present study, the primary data collection method, which is known as a quantitative method and based on a sample survey using a standardized questionnaire, was also selected, as well as the method of collecting secondary data through the review of international literature. At this point, it is worth mentioning that there was a great difficulty in finding a bibliography on the combination of Social Media and consumer behavior, given the early age of research in this field. Social consumers learn about new products through Social Media, prefer to interact with a brand by getting best instagram accounts enough of an advertisement and want the brand to take them into account and to react directly to its demands.Social consumers play an important role in defining the perception of brands within Social Media.